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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Kate's Kause by Karen Meissner

So I'm here showing my own work today.  Not because I necessarily want to showcase my stuff, but because I want to showcase my Kause!

In the fall of 2010 Kate's Kause was founded.  Kate is my neice, who was diagnosed with Angleman Syndrome.  Through fundraising efforts, the support of the community and several grants, Kate's Kause has raised over $265 000 in a little over 16 months.  So today I'd like to put the spotlight on Kate's Kause - dedicated to Angelman Syndrome awareness and inclusive community projects.

What is Angelman Syndrome?
Angelman Syndrome (AS) is a rare (1 in 15000 births) neuro-genetic disorder characterized by a severe global developmental delay.  People with AS or "angels" have little or no verbal skills, poor gross and fine motor skills, and possible sleep and seizure disorders. However Angels do have one unique characteristic.  They have a happy demeanor, wonderful smile and contagious laughter.
What is your fundraising supporting?
In the spirit of inclusion, the current goal of Kate's Kause is to build and all-accessible playground in Elmira, Ontario.  This park will provide a place where children of all abilities can play together - typical and atypical children, toddlers learning to walk and children with balance issues or vestibular problems.  These playgrounds have extra costs involved, primarily due to the specialized turf on the ground. This turf allows children with wheelchairs and walkers and other difficulties safe access to the playground.
What was the purpose of the event last week?
The goal of the event last week was to increase awareness and to celebrate with other members of our community.  Our fundraising efforts to this point have been supported by our family, friends and contacts via social networking.  The event helped us to spread that support to other members of the community so that we can continue with our goals for the future.
Tell us about Kate?
Kate is amazing.  She will be turning 3 this summer and is showing dramatic improvement every week.  She recently learned to feed herself finger food, she stands and walks with help and is constantly progressing.  She attends pre-school regularly and is looking forward to joining her brother, cousins and friends on the playground this summer.  Here are some photos of Kate from last summer.

To find out more about Kate's Kause, please visit their website, follow them on twitter or like them on facebook.

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